May the world learn from you.


A new day stretches the concept of hard work,
The water keeps leaking from the back of the toilet.
That little container of miscellaneous objects gets more and more complex.
Dreams are being made, and life goes by…
 And I still don’t understand many whys.
The new windows that life can bring, sure can be refreshing,
But I hope they feel that way because of what they convey.
You are here, because of the effort of all those who believe in you. Give praise dear.
It’s ok to work hard as long as you never forget what your mentor once told you,
“May your aim always be true”.

-Oro Continua


I have a dream

-Oro Continua

Fun et totalement à la mode

Loving these fashionable cat comics I’ve come across online!

Not really sure who comes up with them, but whoever is responsible for this smile machine for me, thank you! I really love them!

-Oro Continua.