If I owned a pair of these Phillip Treacy masterpieces I would have them as a center piece on a coffee table… The would be on top of a big chunky yellow book.


Just another Monday morning.

Time to get the laundry done.

Separating colors… Separating textures…

All this to prevent a don’t.


Johnny took the elevator,

Up to the eleventh floor.

With his bag of laundry, coins on the left pocket…

Ready to get house chores done.


But once the elevator opened.

He walked out to a rainy day.

Bad day for all construction workers,

That’s why they’d left, and had to wait.


One step is all it took for Jonny,

To step on concrete that was wet.

His camel shoes covered,

In sticky messy concrete,

And obviously he was upset.


But things that seem to feel unpleasant,

Always come with something to learn.

Johnny learned a life-long lesson,

About the things that seem to harm.



Once concrete dries on any surface,

There’s nothing that can get it off.

So if you choose to leave the concrete,

It’s sure that it will ruin your walk.


“If one day you step on wet concrete,

Don’t let that take your joy away

For God has given you the power,

To wipe off all your mess away…







-Oro Continua


Today He let me know.



Today I created this trio. Their names are Let, Me and Know.

This one is Let.

She is holding on tight…

This one is Me…

She sits on a blessing…

This one is know…

She dances, because it’s gonna be ok.


He told me to hold on tight to my gift… Because its gonna be ok.

-Oro Continua




What is it that you want to say?

One morning this week my coffee table spoke to me.

It said: “Hey! Look at your life”…

There was  a lot of tension.

I won’t lie, it was quite an uncomfortable sight.

So… I had to share it.

It is another one of those OUCH moments.


I think it was asking me a question…

It asked…

“Are you sure you want to live your life playing with the idea of freedom?”


This is the juxtaposition I woke up to that morning.


-Oro Continua

Sometimes I need sunshine… in my mind.

The ocean is a magical place. One which takes away stress with the miraculous sound of the waves…

-Oro Continua