Close your eyes and imagine this….

Welcome to a world full of black eye shadow and leopard lipstick. The evil on her gown comes over our bodies as we kneel down and get high on piano and voice. She is staring around and looking over her shoulder as she feels this presence over her. She is stepping over their heads and you cannot stop admiring the endless details. Flowing chiffon, chains hanging from her arms and realistic plastic hairpieces. All of the sudden she has rope in her hands that she is using to tie her mouth. She pulls her hair! Can’t find any air! Monster hands! Monster hands!…

Although her struggle is still there and there are many things she wishes she knew the answer to; she wishes to have been able to try out the different routes. Now she is haunted. All she has now is a Victor and Rolf dress, which she holds on to as she is packed up on glitter. She grabs onto the ruffles and wipes away the mascara tears. At this point the music is loud and the city seems to be the loudest it has ever been. She looks down. The wind sweeps her hair delicately and all you see are the feather lashes. She grabs her head with her hands and what is unseen is now clear.

-Oro Continua