Take a look at Hope – Editorial for Dmag Argentina

I have some exciting news! Recently we had the honor to work on an editorial featuring all designs, accessories and head pieces made by me. We had a blast working as a team making it all happen and will for sure have to keep doing projects together in the future. 

This set of romantic photos are the leftover sprinkles of those words Ms. Del Rey sings out so passionately; “Summertime sadness”.
The elegant hope being showcased even in the darkest of places. Like a Caravaggio Portrait with dim lights and a defined individual shining in the dark.
Hope is beautiful, and when it shines, it can light up a room and be the center of attention.

We had a fantastic time shooting with Jose Moreno Miguel. His aesthetic and his dramatic use of lighting were the perfect combination for my designs, it made the entire concept elegant and modern. Specially having Cande Moran as our gorgeous model, with her very 90’s Vanessa Paradis look. And finally so thankful we had fantastic shoes from Pilo Shoes to be the cherry on top for the styling we had in mind.

You can check out the entire editorial at:

But first, I leave you with the backstage video.
As always, hope you enjoy!

-Oro Continua


Nothing outside a man can make him ‘unclean’ by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him ‘unclean.’ —Mark 7:15

It is finally here! The final design inspired by Rogelio Ploesello.

All I have to add to the following photos, is my point of view as the designer who lived the first few phases of the creative process that made this look come to life. I have never been more convinced that fashion can be positively contagious. With this design inspired by the infinite line of a circle and the eternal Life of Christ, I wish to inspire the fashion world to learn to communicate positive energy.

This design was all bout life right now for me as a young designer, and the contrast of what my mind wishes and sees, and where I currently am emotionally and physically, and the juxtaposition of the wonders my fashion makes with the bittersweet feeling of my current surroundings.


Design by Mario Rodriguez

Ivory Denim Circular Blazer: Hand Painted with silk and acrylic pigments and embroidered with geometric acrylic jewels.

Shirt and Skirt combo made originally from Ivory Chiffon, with self-made print added to the fabric through sublimation.

Hair Makeup and Styling done by me.

Photography done by the awesome Vivi G. Victoria and Nelida Ballestero.

Model: Maca de Arrieta

Location: Av Alvear, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-Oro Continua

Rain Crash

-Oro Continua

Change in a 2011 kind of way.

-Oro Continua