Agh! Can’t believe I won!!!!!!

I am so honored and grateful for the win!Also, super excited to see the cover on Itunes!!!!! Thanks to Drew for holding the contest, and for taking ┬áthe time to always make such amazing videos!…

I will keep everyone updated to when you’ll be able to buy Drew’s amazing cover on Itunes!

Check out Drew Tabor’s shout-out video to OroContinua!!!!!!

I will leave you with a personal quote:

“If you feel like you can make your fashion change the world, then… GO CHANGE THE WORLD! Do not give up and let your shoes, jacket or your hat be positive and legendary”



El color de mi vida esta cambiando

It seems as if I permanently fall down.

I have not fallen though.

But the feeling I get every time I make an intense life decision,

Is the same feeling I got when I did the free fall at Six Flags.

My knees tremble,

At the thought of so many pros and cons.


-Oro Continua

Too much

-Oro Continua

Hope… the first step to conquering fear…

What is it?
Is it hope?
Is it fear?
Is it my way,
To hide the tears?

What is the core?…
Of all the doodles,
All the figures.
Only alive,

Wishes of gold,
lie beneath my soul.
Specific darks,
Scare the lights in hope to shine.
The gold holds pigment,
Let it hold it’s only strength.
So… I made a hat…
Then, had the ┬áhonor to style a friend wearing it…
My friend Michelle Lee provided hair styling…
We had a great time…
P.S. Thank you dustyohunter for your wonderful makeup advice!

Enjoy the process!….





We finally got the shot, and made it all come together!
(click on the image to view it larger)

-Oro Continua