Un centinaio di posti

Young… and tired of life at home.
First time in the battle field and nothing stops your gun.
The shot seems so perfect, and he says: ”Come on!”.
You know its your chance now to stop being alone.
Every one’s happy for the blessing you’ve found.
Your soul now infected with the vibe that’s around.
But this type of infection is very profound.
One is unable to fix it, so you quickly go down.
Stuck… is the word you will use.
Sacrifice… is what most will choose.
Love and Pride you’re not willing to loose.
For your heart has been through all kinds of abuse.
How do I help you in this time of regret?
When you’ve fought a battle and are left off set,
Thrown off by that gun shot that now causes cold sweats.
Crying in silence as you try to forget,
That one shot that makes your feelings upset.

Think of the seeds that the battle has made.
Blessing it is that they’ve grown up so well.
Now is their future that you can help direct.
So they learn how to ponder, and not be incorrect.
-Che Continua