All over the place

Let me explain myself in a sphere…

What an intense past few months!!!!

I don’t know that there is enough time in my lifetime to begin to list everything I have learned since moving to a new country to start a new life from nothing. The one absolute truth in this adventure is that God takes care of us, even when we are selfish and just straight up dumb.


Anyhow, This past few weeks I have been in a “funk”…It has been a time of feeling disappointed and hungry to be creative, but knowing there is not much I can do to fulfill my creativity; specially since every idea that comes to mind ends up requiring me to spend all my money to bring it to life. I have also been hit really hard by the idea of mission work. I have always known that I have that desire planted in my heart, but even now, I don’t know that I have the courage that is required to leave everything behind just for that. Hopefully God has it in His plan, for me to “get there” some time.


I have also been disappointed by the early behavior of a new year filled with new “pop culture icons”. With the Launch of the beautiful Lana del Rey, and her amazing computer enhanced voice, with melodies that are more catchy than “Party in the USA”, but lyrics that are 100% meaningless and disappointing, (You know it is bad when reading “Friday” by Rebecca Black is more interesting to read)… She leaves this world in more confusion that there has even been. It still hurts to see these pop icons, who have so much influence on our youth, spread nothing but confusing ideas of what living means. I always wish we could use all people with magnetic personalities to be of positive influence and stop the art for the sake of art idea.

Now, with that swirl of ideas somewhat out-of-the-way, here you have a portrait inspired by Ms. Del Rey.

I had not touched graphite in about a year and a half, and I think that really helped to bring more depth into this portrait.

What a beautiful face huh?

Too bad is so one-dimensional.

-Oro Continua



If I owned a pair of these Phillip Treacy masterpieces I would have them as a center piece on a coffee table… The would be on top of a big chunky yellow book.


Just another Monday morning.

Time to get the laundry done.

Separating colors… Separating textures…

All this to prevent a don’t.


Johnny took the elevator,

Up to the eleventh floor.

With his bag of laundry, coins on the left pocket…

Ready to get house chores done.


But once the elevator opened.

He walked out to a rainy day.

Bad day for all construction workers,

That’s why they’d left, and had to wait.


One step is all it took for Jonny,

To step on concrete that was wet.

His camel shoes covered,

In sticky messy concrete,

And obviously he was upset.


But things that seem to feel unpleasant,

Always come with something to learn.

Johnny learned a life-long lesson,

About the things that seem to harm.



Once concrete dries on any surface,

There’s nothing that can get it off.

So if you choose to leave the concrete,

It’s sure that it will ruin your walk.


“If one day you step on wet concrete,

Don’t let that take your joy away

For God has given you the power,

To wipe off all your mess away…







-Oro Continua

Rain Crash

-Oro Continua

This is how I find the words I never talk.

As I whistle “michelle” and “And I love her” by the Beatles (which are songs with lyrics that have nothing to do with my current mood) I imagine them being being played by wind chimes as the wind blows away all the dirt. I whistle while I try to make it to the other side of this never ending path. My cell phone falls out of my pocket, and I loose the ability to call anyone. The ending light starts fading as the darkness takes over my mind. I can see the wind chimes morphing into creatures playing pianos, violins and harps made of light. These individuals never stop playing, they are focused on what they do, If you take their music away, the die. I tried to talk to one of them, but its music sent me into another world. I am now stuck in this picture where rules are unimportant. Here, what right is only sometimes, and what’s wrong its up to you. All the creatures seem just like me, yet I’m the only one confused. What do I do now? Will I even make it to the end of this path?
-Oro Continua