It is never a bad time to learn about patience

-Oro Continua


"I like perfume and flowers." -Donatella Versace

Yes!… I should have been paying attention during math class,… but I decided to sketch instead…
It was nothing serious, but I enjoyed it more than listening to my professor while I pretended that I understood what she was teaching. I mean, I ┬ástill have questions from chapter 1, and she was teaching chapter 5, so I figured It wouldn’t be a big deal if I went away into my own world and bathed in fashion sketches.

I was failing the class then, even though I had actually been trying to get good grades.
My best friend told me last week: “What is the difference between you trying and failing, and not trying and failing?… I mean… you’ll fail either way”…
I guess that idea would not work in real life, since failures should not matter to us and we aren’t supposed to let them kill our goals… But for that one specific day, during math class, I needed a sketch break.
Nevertheless, my efforts seem to be making a difference, since I am not failing the class anymore.

I guess my lesson for the day is: “Don’t give up”…. (that sounds so cliche and lame)
I am not even sure if I believe that as my lesson. but perhaps one day I will believe it.

Either way… Here are my edited sketches…





-Oro Continua