All things beautiful

Better late than never right?

Finally finished editing my December 2012- Jan 2013 vlog. Enjoy!



Don’t how long I can resist this.
Do you think one day I’ll escape?
Oh will you please lend me a hand my friend?
And help me get out of this place…
For years and years I’ve done it all,
To try to reach that better place.
The tears ‘ve been  shed  to find a door,
Where home awaits. Where sorrow ends.
Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m blessed.
To have the family I have.
To know their love backs up my walk of faith,
And keeps me going when it’s hard.
I guess my plea to you dear God,
Is for the hope to stay alive,
And for hopeless to no to feel destroyed,
But feel your presence by their side.
I guess my plea to you dear God,
Is for the hope to never die,
And for hopeless like myself tonight,
To lean on you when it gets hard.

-Oro Continua


Mario Vlogs November

For November’s video, our background tunes are extra special!
Open up you ears and enjoy the amazing Rihanna cover of Diamonds by Robert Dean.
Check out his youtube channel here:

And his Soundcloud page here, where you can download his new single “Electric”

As always, Hope you enjoy

-Oro Continua

Oro Continua- The September Issue

Finally! After several attempts… We have reached success uploading the vlog for the month of September. This month you also get to listen to me and my brother “jammin'” (lol) in the background… I have loved The Noisettes for so long and Knew I had to have their song in the background of the video without getting in trouble for copyright issues.

Hopefully next month will be a little more exciting! Sadly living in Latin America also means that one can only take their camera out when in somewhat safe areas.  I will try to get more creative with the shots for October. I  definitely am having fun learning about the art of vlogging.

Here is Oro Continua’s September Issue!
Hope you all enjoy!

-Oro Continua