“Sentirse distanciado del mundo no es novedad, hacer de ello un estilo de vida, sí lo es” -Omstart

OPTION1Hello Oro Continua Friends! I know I have been “missing” the past few months, but I come with good news to all my dear readers.
If you have wondered where I have been, what I have been up to, and if I would ever post again (Insert dramatic breathing sound here) then I am here to tell you about my latest project/collaboration and info about future posts for Oro Continua.

The good news is that I am now a contributor at The WILD Magazine. I am currently helping out with fashion stories and some of their social media that requires the composition of images. I am having a lot of fun putting the stories together and adding that “oomph” to all the posts with the usual Oro Continua touch (You all know I love powerful visuals and attention-grabbing visuals!!! ). This is the reason I haven’t been able to post as often on the blog. Nonetheless, Do not fear!!!! You can definitely still follow my work at The WILD magazine, where you can hopefully get your dose of Oro Continua visuals along with great fashion stories to stay updated on the latest in the fashion world. Hopefully along the way you can also stop by and read the many other posts that The WILD has to offer. The magazine has got an awesome team of contributors that create awesome posts about art, fashion,music and current world issues. They are awesome, and I have no doubt you will love keeping up with their blog. I will keep posting on here when new personal projects begin happening throughout the year, but meanwhile it would be my honor if you followed my work at the WILD.

Thank you guys for your support!

-Oro Continua


My Video Audition for Project Runway Latin America 2013

Last year, I sent me video and portfolio, but sadly the production got pushed back until 2013. Well, A year sure feels like 5 min these days, because it is now 2013, and I’ve got new material to show ProJect Runway LA.
Hope you enjoy the video! If you go to my Youtube Channel, you can check out last year’s video if you’d like.

-Oro Continua

All things beautiful

Better late than never right?

Finally finished editing my December 2012- Jan 2013 vlog. Enjoy!



Don’t how long I can resist this.
Do you think one day I’ll escape?
Oh will you please lend me a hand my friend?
And help me get out of this place…
For years and years I’ve done it all,
To try to reach that better place.
The tears ‘ve been  shed  to find a door,
Where home awaits. Where sorrow ends.
Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m blessed.
To have the family I have.
To know their love backs up my walk of faith,
And keeps me going when it’s hard.
I guess my plea to you dear God,
Is for the hope to stay alive,
And for hopeless to no to feel destroyed,
But feel your presence by their side.
I guess my plea to you dear God,
Is for the hope to never die,
And for hopeless like myself tonight,
To lean on you when it gets hard.

-Oro Continua